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Small-To-Medium Business

In today’s economy, being a business owner is stressful enough without you having to become an IT expert too. That is where we come in. Let Technology Sandbox ease your burden by being your IT professional go-to guys. We here at Technology Sandbox strive to help business owners grow their business and protect your bottom-line. Technology Sandbox provides IT Support Services, Business Services, and Data Backup to businesses. Technology Sandbox provides services to help businesses from Mom and Pop stores to small or midsized businesses. We are here to help any business owner along the way to get your business up and running.

  • Eliminate shrinkage

    A computerized point of sale system can drastically cut down on shrinkage, the inventory that disappears from your store or restaurant due to theft, wastage, and employee misuse. Because employees will know that inventory is being carefully tracked, internal shrinkage will dwindle

  • Improve accuracy

    Whether you use barcode scanning or not, POS systems ensure that every item in your store or on your menu is sold for the correct price. Your staff will never mis-enter or guess prices again, and you can change prices with just one tweak in the computer

  • Get better margins

    Detailed sales reports can help you focus on higher-margin items. By moving items within a retail location or promoting under-performing dishes in a restaurant setting, you can help boost sales of high-profit items

  • Build a customer list

    Collect the names and addresses of your best customers as part of standard transactions. Then use the list for targeted advertising or incentive programs

  • Reduce paperwork

    POS systems can dramatically reduce the time you have to spend doing inventory, sales figures, and other repetitive but important paperwork. The savings here: time and peace of mind

  • More efficient transactions

    In retail settings, barcode scanners and other POS features make checkout much, much faster. Restaurants will find their order process greatly streamlined as orders are relayed automatically to the kitchen from the dining room. In both cases, your customers get faster, more accurate service

  • Save money

    That's really what it's all about, isn't it? While a full-featured retail POS system may cost more up front, it will pay for itself over and over again with its increased functionality. Detailed sales reports give you a bird's eye view of your business—including which items are selling and which aren't—allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions. Complete audit trails let you know what's happening in your business even when you're away

  • Running a More Efficient Business

    A good retail point of sale system eliminates unnecessary work

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