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Managed IT Services

The use of Managed Services is one of the most rapidly growing fields in ecommerce. In fact, Managed Services are experiencing explosive growth, with industry analysts projecting the managed services market to reach approximately $34 billion, and security applications delivered as cloud-based services to more than triple by 2013. Currently, an estimated 67 percent of firms in the United States use Managed Services to one degree or another to reduce costs.

To explain it simply, Managed Services refers to the practice of transferring day-to-day operations of network management to an outside service provider (SP), called a Managed Service Provider (MSP).Thus, Managed Services allows a business to purchase and deploy a WAN solution through an MSP as a recurring monthly expense as opposed to a major capital investment.

What Managed Services Can Do for Your Business?

Managed Services offers many benefits for companies large and small, so that management can stay focused on running its business. Managed Services offers a better utilization of resources and capital, reducing manpower costs and infrastructure build-out costs. Operating under the premise that there is no point in spending your money trying to do everything, Managed Services offers many advantages.

  • Network monitoring happens every minute of every day of the year. That’s called peace of mind (and you can’t put a price tag on that)

  • You can simplify your life with a single point of contact for all network issues. And instead of dealing with multiple vendors (along with the multiple headaches that brings), you deal only with a single service provider

  • Your business can save money. Avoid the costs associated with building your own management and reporting systems and also lower capital expenditure and staff levels in areas that aren’t central to your business

  • MSPs have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to offer better reliability than you can get in-house

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